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Alias Blake is a freelance Artist, Designer and Art Director from Melbourne, Australia. With over 15 years experience working within the fashion and lifestyle industries, Alias Blake is a creative force to be admired. Whether it's telling the story of brand, shining a light on an idea or bringing some beautiful thinking to the big wide world it's all about making art like it's 1999. Words and images do magical things when brought together in just the right way. Alias Blake has been chasing this chemistry ever since she was kid spending her Summers drawing unicorns who lived in toadstools, writing about girls who could talk to crows and photographing the smallest bits of wonder she could find. 

Creatures both mythical and breathtakingly real have always been Alias Blake's most enduring muse. Working with Arm The Animals on the 'War Paint Wild Collection" was an absolute gift. Connecting with those who believe your wardrobe should ROAR in more ways than one, affirmed her suspicions that art can make a difference. What could be better than letting your dollar howl and looking damn fine at the same time?