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    With Love From Sweden

    Arm The Animals should be known worldwide (in our opinion) So we love when we get attention from another country! Recently we were featured on Kristin Sunberg's blog "ByKiki" a blog dedicated to all things Fashion & Fitness. She had much to say about our brand, and what we represent. She also mentions how she will be spending the long weekend in the countryside wearing Arm The Animals! Check out her Post here http://bykiki.se/2014/july/arm-the-animals.html





    Documentary is made of bid by Sussex charity to save orangutans


    Mr Knight said: “The Nat Geo documentary is a fantastic opportunity to raise awareness of the plight of orangutans in Borneo.”

    “It shows the wonderful work our team is doing to help them.”

    Orangutan Rescue: Back To The Wild shows the development of the orphaned babies as they are taken through the forest everyday to build their strength and learn skills their mothers would have taught them.

    And the documentary is expected to show the hours of care that baby orangutans receive from IAR’s team of vets, volunteers and babysitters, to set them on the road to recovery and freedom.




    Who Else is Feeling Patriotic?

    Over here at ATA we are feeling very patriotic today, maybe its the fact that we are about to embark on a three day weekend? God Bless America!! Either way I am sure everyone's getting packed to leave town, and we know you need outfit options pronto!!! Don't worry we have got you covered. Whether you're heading to the Hamptons or Vegas we suggest you take your Catifornia Republic shirts with you. They are the perfect option this weekend! Dress them up, dress them down either way you'll be the talk of the town!!!



    Souffle Anyone?

    I hope everyone has had their caffeine, because we have something for you to read instead of that boring old cereal box! Its no secret we are AWESOME, but we love it when other people realize it too!! The wonderful Heather Hahn recently blogged, Instagrammed, and even tweeted about us! She is an amazing Los Angeles blogger who is no stranger to the hottest and upcoming trends, so of course we were flattered. Heather took a special liking to ATA because she has an adorable rescue named Rambo, and loved what we do/represent. Here's a link to Heather's Blog  www.chiffonsouffle.com