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    Norway's Quest to Discover All Native Species.

    Norway is on a quest to discover all native species. So far more than a thousand new species have been discovered since the initiative started in 2009. 

    The information gives scientists and policymakers a better platform for understanding of the complexity and function of Norway's ecosystems.

    Video: Wild Foxes Wrecks Golf Game

    This is a pretty funny video! A group of golfers are out shooting a round and spot a very young fox on the green. They watch him for a second and think it's pretty cool... until the fox wrecks their game by sealing their golf balls.

    Pit Bull vs. Deer - 40 Yard Dash!

    So, who would win in a 40 yard dash: a Pitbull or Deer? For those of you who have pondered this very question, we have your answer below! These two animals link up several times a week to racer each other across the back yard of this home and to me, it appears they are truly having fun!

    For those who believe animals can't think, communicate or remember things like we do, watch this video; it should make you reassess your position!

    Amazing video: Dog Escapes Shelter Pen Nightly to See His Friends!

    This dog observed and learned how to unlock all pens in the shelter and would then escape nightly and let his "best friends" out of their pens. Each morning he would be found back in his pen with all of his buddies hanging out with him. The staff was so perplexed, they had to install security camers to figure out what was happening; they finally did and the footage is amazing!


    Who Else is Feeling Patriotic?

    Over here at ATA we are feeling very patriotic today, maybe its the fact that we are about to embark on a three day weekend? God Bless America!! Either way I am sure everyone's getting packed to leave town, and we know you need outfit options pronto!!! Don't worry we have got you covered. Whether you're heading to the Hamptons or Vegas we suggest you take your Catifornia Republic shirts with you. They are the perfect option this weekend! Dress them up, dress them down either way you'll be the talk of the town!!!