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    Finch Fight Collection

    Finch Fight (aka Abby Diamond) is an incredible illustrator living in Pennsylvania who makes some of the most stunning images we have seen. We first discovered her online a few years ago and we immediately became fans. Abby works in an array of mediums, but watercolors and India inks are her specialty and that is what we love most!

    We usually release designs with the theme of animals and weapons or clever text, but Abby's art was so amazing on its own that we didn't touch it.  We released her Brilliant Bengal design earlier this year and it was a hit; it completely crossed-over and sold to both men and women of all ages. Shortly after dropping the Brilliant Bengal, we approached Abby with the idea of releasing an entire collection created in the same vein as the Brilliant Bengal... and she agreed!

    So, it is with much excitement that we present you with our brand new Finch Fight Collection consisting of colorful, detailed, mind-blowing renderings of a Bengal Tiger, a Great Horned Owl, Gray Wolf, Black Crow and a Red Fox. We hope you love them as much as we do and we promise you that we will continue to work with Abby in the near future!

    FinchFight on Instagram | FinchFight on Twitter | FinchFight on Facebook | FinchFight on Tumblr

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