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10 Reasons Why Dogs Make Better Travel Buddies Than Humans

Traveling with your dog can add a number of extra steps in terms of preparation and paperwork. It can also add some hefty costs for airfare or pet fees for accommodations. But the benefits of traveling with your pet far outweigh the down sides.

Bottom line: Who you travel with will influence your trip and people are unpredictable. Dogs on the other hand are not. Here are 10 reasons why dogs make amazing travel companions.

1. Dogs are happy to go where you go! Your dog will never argue with you over your choice of accommodation, destination, activities or music selection!

Montecristo Travels to Menton in the South of France.


2. They will never ruin your moment by saying the wrong thing at the wrong time and breaking the mood.

Montecristo in Santorini, Greece.  Time to chill out? Got it!


3. They are fantastic ice-breakers and one of the best ways to meet locals!

Montecristo hanging out with a cigar roller in Naples, USA


4. They always know where the good street food, patios and restaurants are! Follow the nose!

Montecristo at the food market in Florence, Italy.


5. Everyone around you think’s you are a local just out with your dog. This makes you less of a target for those trying to scam tourists! 

Montecristo taking the subway in Toronto, Canada. Just taking a walk!


6. Your dog is the perfect alarm system when staying at hotels, in rental apartments or even while dozing off at the beach! 

Montecristo at the Espresso Hotel in Montreal, Canada. “I got this guys, you go have dinner!”


7. Dogs force you to slow down. You are more likely to do a self-guided walking tour, sit at a café and enjoy a coffee while people watching when you have your dog with you!

Montecristo enjoying the view of Bern, Switzerland, which is a 30 minute hike outside of the city.


8. Looking for pet friendly activities while you travel can lead you to discover things that are not on the usual “must see” list. Often these attractions are more authentic in nature.

Montecristo enjoying Roman ruins in Bulgaria along the highway.


9. Having that unconditional love and familiar companion will sooth the soul. When trained, they are well behaved and will never embarrass you.  No need to worry about grumpy or moody companions. A belly rub and a treat and all is well!

Montecristo and owner Sonja in Monaco.  A grey day made brighter!


10. A new perspective. When you travel with your pet, you often take photos of them as well, forcing you to squat to take a shot or find a way to incorporate them. This lends itself to seeing a scenic spot or monument from an entirely new perspective! 

Montecristo enjoying Eze in the South of France with his owner Stefan. Getting a new perspective!


Bottom line, taking your pet on the road with you (or flying!) is not only do-able but it’s also got a slew of benefits. You don’t have to miss your pet while you discover the world! And you’ll also get to know your pet on an entirely more intimate level.


Written by: Thiago Ferreira 


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