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    The ATA Mission: Raise Awareness & Funds While Providing Support For Animal Welfare Organizations.

    Arm The Animals was born from tragedy in 2010 as an attempt to express the inexpressible. Created following the untimely death of our founders sister who was a lifelong animal advocate and “pet parent” to a dozen rescues, Arm The Animals would serve as a living tribute and means of carrying on a legacy that was ended too soon. 

    In 2010, most animals welfare tees were extreme - blood & guts, or kittens & flowers - with nothing in between; it was this lack of "cool looking" animal welfare tees for the wider public that gave rise to the the brand. The "ATA vibe" is a combination of punk rock, pop culture, humor and street art divided by a snarky, irreverent, DIY ethos, and the result is what you see today.

    Starting online and at Southern California pet events, ATA brought their clothing to the people and began winning fans immediately. With nothing more than determination, repetition and love, ATA boot-strapped its way forward and created a new market for themselves to serve for the years to come.

    Over the past 5 years, ATA has worked with over 100 different animal welfare organizations in a myriad of ways. In addition to providing donation funds from product sales, the company also provides printing services, graphic design, marketing, social media strategies, logistical support and anything else a rescue partner may need or request.

    We supporting several charities, including Dallas Dog RRR & Austin Pets Alive to help animals effected by Hurricane Harvey. Thus far, we have donated a total of $5,300 from the sales of our Let's Return Their Loyalty design! 
    Raju Wildlife SOS
    ATA worked with Wildlife SOS to create designs to help fund the new life of Raju the elephant who cried tears upon being rescued. The campaign which started with a T-shirt carried on for several years and lead to substantial growth for Wildlife SOS as an organization online.
    We have continued to work with Wildlife SOS by hosting an entire collection of clothing on our website and publicizing campaigns to raise money for Mohan, Suzy, The Peanut Gang, and many more animals saved by this amazing organization.

    Cecil The Lion
    ATA also helped raised over $12,000 for the ZCTF following the brutal murder of Cecil the lion by donating all of the proceeds from their now famous "Earth Day Lion" design. The outrage this crime caused was palpable and is still burning to this day. The ZCTF is carrying on with their great work in spite of tremendous hardships and ATA is proud to be their partner.

    Southern California Bulldog Rescue
    ATA also assisted Southern California Bulldog Rescue raise over $35,000 by donating from each sale of their Bulldog Blade design to Kiki the bulldog, who gave it her all for nearly a year, but ultimately succumbed to her injuries.


    Red & Quail the Pit Bulls
    ATA came to the aid of Red & Quail: Two Pit Bulls that sustained multiple rattlesnake bites to the face and head while defending their family on a walk. Both dog were in critical condition and required over $12,000 of medical treatment. ATA donated $5 from every pit bull tee sold for two complete weeks and helped the family hit their goal of $12,000 to cover medical expenses.

    ATA is not a non-profit organization, it is a regular apparel business that has made "giving back" a core goal of the company. The group consists of regular, down-to-earth people who love animals, care about the world around them and want to make a difference with their lives.

    ATA believe the current plight facing innocent, discarded animals can not only be helped, but fixed! That may be naive, but every “impossible task" has been overcome in the same way - by taking a first step. 

    As the company continues to grow, Arm The Animals is expanding its rescue partner network as well as the services offered to them. Be it clothing, websites, collaterals or simply getting the word out about an event of a rescue situation, Arm The Animals will provide everything they possibly can to make it a success.