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    ******We are slammed and have run into a few obstacles, this has caused us to get behind in shipping and in answering messages. We are working overtime & as fast as humanly possible to get caught up with orders and messages.

    If it has not been 15 business days (business days do not include weekends & holidays), please do not contact us. ONLY Contact Us if your order has not shipped and it is Past 15 BUSINESS DAYS (business days do not include weekends & holidays)****

    ***Before submitting a form here, check out this link for detailed information on Common Popular Questions***

    Click Here-Information & Popular FAQ's Link

    Once you contact us, please allow 3-4 business days (not including weekends/holidays) for a response.

    ***Holiday Season is our busiest time of year, so response time is longer than normal.

    We are a tiny company and are not always able to answer right away. We WILL answer, just need to be patient with us, hopefully in the future we expand and responses will be quicker. Until then this is all we can handle. Messages do get lost and fall through the cracks, so if you do not hear from us in 2 weeks, please email us again. 

    If you contact us via phone (leaving voicemail), you will not be responded to, our phone is a private number that is NOT used for customer service.

    ***If you contact us outside our Contact Form, you risk not being answered*** If you directly email us (not from this contact form) then you risk not being answered, those emails are NOT used for Customer Service and are NOT monitored regularly***