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15 Dogs Who Thought Their Ninja Skills Would Score Them Food

Most dogs are fixated on food and will jump at any chance to snatch the perfect snack. Other dogs, like mine, for instance, will wait for the moment you leave the room to put their ninja skills to work. A few others have mastered the art of counter surfing. Here are just a few of these food-stealing sneaks in action.

"Thanks for letting me clean up."

"There has to be something for me in here! I found it!'

"Come on, just a little bit more!"

"I like my new feeding spot."

"Are these for me? You know how I feel about cookies."

"I'll take this. Guilty as charged!"

"why would you get rid of this? There's still perfectly good food in here!"

"Cinnabuns! I love sticky paws!"

"I almost got it! Dang these short legs!"

"Omg look, a crumb! I have to have it!"

"I don't know what you're talking about I thought this was for me."


"Why would you think I care about the counter, I'm just stretching."

"You dropped some but I'm right on top of it mom!"

"I love surfing for greens! Maybe mom should get the hint that I love them."

"So close yet so far. This is a cruel world to keep smelling them."



This article was written by: Michella Ventres



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