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15 Persian Cats Who Want Us To Suffer

I will love them even if they hate me!!!!!!!!!!!!

1. This real-life stuffed animal who is prepared to avenge us all Chucky-style:


2. This white floof who daydreams about your demise:



4. This kitter who is NOT PLEASED with his new haircut:


5. This deep, dark ball of misery and suffering:

6. This one who doesn't give a H*CK about the holidays:

7. This pissy guy who looks like me after a long, REM-sleep nap:

8. This LORG BOYE who wants you to suffer:

9. This smoosher who is in the acceptance stage of grief regarding his Cone of Shame™:

10. This sweet baby who is full of fiery, hellish RAGE:

11. This snug-a-bug rockin' her bow and tutu...and PISSED OFF DISPOSITION!!!!!!

12. This orangey lover who feels EXPOSED and VULNERABLE!!!!!!

13. This pretty lady with naturally-angered eyebrows:

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By: Syd Robinson

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