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16 Stunning Photos To Remind Us Our Oceans Are Worth Protecting

Calling all ocean lovers!

This summer, marine conservation organization Ocean Conservancy hosted their annual Marine Wildlife and Seascape Photo Contest.

Catch Me If You Can - Steven Anderson
Steven Anderson

Catch Me If You Can - Steven Anderson

The submissions were stunning, magnificent, wholly life-changing. But most importantly, they reminded us how crucial it is to protect our beautiful oceans.

Orange Over Blue - Simon Ager
Simon Ager

Orange Over Blue - Simon Ager

Let's take a lil' look at some of these phenomenal entries, and remember why we love the Big Blue in the first place:

Curious Calf - Ken Shew
Ken Shew

Curious Calf - Ken Shew

King Of The Hill - Joan Poor

Joan Poor

Taking A Breather - Aaron Chai

Aaron Chai

Hammerhead Aggregation - Kimberly Jeffries

Kimberly Jeffries

Fragile Reef in the Heart of the Coral Triangle - Ethan Daniels

Ethan Daniels

Cuban Croc - Jim van Gogh

Jim van Gogh

On the Throne - Natalie Bondarenko

Natalie Bondarenko

I don't care what your friends do, you're going to listen to me!- Dave Taube

Dave Taube

Sunset of a Coral Graveyard - Vanessa Cara-Kerr

Vanessa Cara-Kerr

Jellyfish Lake - Jane Saull

Jane Saull

What? One More Photographer??? Noooooo! - Natalie Bondarenko

Natalie Bondarenko

Sea-renity - Allan Jay Quesada

Allan Jay Quesada

New Parent - Drew Spacht

Drew Spacht

Scarface - Stefan Follows

Stefan Follows

Ocean Conservancy is working to protect the ocean from today’s greatest global challenges. Learn more about Ocean Conservancy here.

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