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Raju’s Health Update Straight From The Elephant Conservation and Care Center, Mathura

Raju is currently in Musth which is a natural and healthy phenomenon in male (bull) elephants. Characterized by heavy secretion of the temporal glands, this also displays increased alertness and often aggressive behavior caused by heightened testosterone. Raju, however continues to surprise us with his rather calm composure unlike most other male elephants in Musth who enjoy being destructive and throw tantrums, even going off meals at times. Raju on the other hand continues to enjoy his treats.

The trauma that Raju suffered for 50 long years left him with several chronic ailments. His right hind leg has been bothering him and has an inflammation from a torn ligament. Wildlife SOS team of veterinarians are working round the clock to help ease the pain. We are currently applying Therapeutic ultrasound for pain management.

Wildlife SOS vet Dr. Yaduraj has reported gradual improvement in his condition and that he is slowly starting to bear weight on his hind right leg. Raju is receiving expert veterinary care and we are optimistic that his injury will slowly heal though it may take several months to do so. In the meantime we are doing all we can to keep him happy and comfortable. Please send positive thoughts and energy his way.

We truly appreciate all of the love and support.

Source: Wildlife SOS



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