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17 Senior Dogs Who Are Gonna Make You Want To Adopt A Senior Dog

Senior dogs need love, too.

1. First off, senior dogs can be just as adorable as any puppy.
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2. And their snoots are just as boopable.

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3. They're even more grateful for your love, because they know what the alternative is.

u/fishsticksmcgee / Via

4. They don't mind the snow, because now it blends into their fur.

u/xP_F0X / Via

5. And even with a little salt and pepper in their fur, senior dogs can still take one heck of a portrait.

u/Squidmyers33 / Via

6. Their faces now display their years of kindness, wisdom, and love.

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7. They still love the outdoors, even if they may just want to relax out there.

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8. But some senior dogs still have a great sense of adventure, and they want to share it with you.

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9. In fact, they may love adventure even more than you do.

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10. They're always up for a nice autumn photo shoot.

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11. And they'll follow you anywhere... even into the bathroom.

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12. And they're not too old to sit still in exchange for the occasional treat.

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13. They still want to play, and are so excited they get to do it with you.

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14. Because you're the ones making their twilight years as happy as possible.

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15. So even if your senior dog has slowed down in their old age...

u/kennalligator / Via

16. ...They're still capable of great love, and so willing to accept yours.

u/Piemanfood / Via

17. And just think how happy your senior dog will be when you bring him home from the shelter.

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Ready to add a furry friend to your family? There are LOTS of senior dogs in need of loving homes on Petfinder or Adopt a Pet!

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