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Help Wildlife SOS Save Mohan the Elephant!

Meet Mohan...The Elephant Who Disappeared

Everybody seems to know the story of Raju, the courageous elephant who stole our hearts when he wept during his rescue.  

However, what most people don't know is on that hot night in July, there were supposed to be two elephants freed. 

Yes, two!

Planning had started weeks before to rescue two elephants simultaneously, Raju and Mohan. Both elephants had suffered ceaselessly for over a century in combined years. And for a few of those years, they languished side by side, only a trunk's length away from one another. 

We simply couldn't decide who to rescue first, so our intentions were to take them both together. But, tragically, Mohan disappeared without a trace during our final rescue preparations. Since that day we have had heavy hearts and have agonized about his welfare.

We tell you this now, because we are thrilled to report that we have located Mohan! We are determined to bring him home and reunite him with Raju asap, but we need your help to do it! Our goal is to raise $109,500 by March 23rd (and thanks to donations already received, we are nearly 1/3 of the way there). That's just one week, but we believe that your generosity and your compassion can make this miraculous rescue opportunity a reality. 

Let's bring him home.

P.S. The donation links above work internationally, but... 

Supporters from the UK can also donate in British pounds here.  

And supporters from India can also donate in rupees here.


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