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19 Memes To Show Your Dog Even Though They Can't Understand Them

Me to my dog: "Have you seen this meme?"

1. Because they can HEAR YOU:

2. And they'll have whatever it is you're having:

APPularity / Facebook / Via Facebook: 201444117322

3. Because walkies are their favorite:

@chaos.reigns_ / Instagram / Via Instagram: @chaos

4. Car rides are pretty great too:

@RespectfulMemes / Twitter / Via Twitter: @RespectfulMemes


@WORLDSTAR / Twitter / Via Twitter: @WORLDSTAR

6. Because they deserve some credit for this:

@UNILAD / Twitter / Via Twitter: @UNILAD

7. Because they don't appreciate your tricks:

chaos.reigns_ / Instagram / Via Instagram: @chaos

8. Which is probably why they have some tricks of their own:

@Homeless_Ricky / Twitter / Via Twitter: @Homeless_Ricky

10. Because they have dreams and aspirations, too:

@jackkirby / Twitter / Via Twitter: @jackkirby

11. Because they know what you've been up to:

@TweetLikeAGirI / Twitter / Via Twitter: @TweetLikeAGirI

12. Because it sounds just like the real thing, ok???

@sonny5ideup / Instagram / Via Instagram: @sonny5ideup

13. Because they know they make mistakes:

14. But can get away with anything:

@GeorgeResch / Twitter / Via Twitter: @GeorgeResch

15. Because sometimes they want some personal space:

@medievalreacts / Twitter / Via Twitter: @medievalreacts

16. And other times, they don't:

@alexiahuggans / Twitter / Via Twitter: @alexiahuggans

17. Because they MISS YOU:

@unilad / Twitter / Via Twitter: @unilad


@Tatum_Strangely / Twitter / Via Twitter: @Tatum_Strangely

19. And because they know you love dog memes:

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