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Ridiculously Adorable Chihuahua And Kitten BFFs Need A Permanent Home

Chip and Adele are two tiny critters with one gigantic piece of news: The famous Chihuahua and kitten BFFs are going on the market for a permanent home.

"Whoever adopts them will be very lucky to have them," says Natalie Buxton, who has been fostering the pair since mid-March.

Buxton started looking after Chip and Adele when they both wound up at the shelter where she works -- Operation Kindness, in Carrollton, Texas -- on March 20.

Chip was five weeks old, and had been brought to the shelter by an owner who couldn't care for him; Adele was a week younger and had been found as a stray.

“A puppy and kitten that age are much, much too young to be in an animal shelter,” she told BuzzFeed about a week later. “Without a foster home, they wouldn’t have had a chance.”

These guys took over the Internet at the same time they were taking over their foster home, commandeering the best nap spots, romping with Buxton and her husband's rescue dog and cat and, overall, being just plain lovable, funny little animals.

"Their favorite thing to do is explore, no matter where they are. Adele is very adventurous and loves to climb and play. Chip is much more laid back and likes to take lots of naps in your lap. They both hate bath time. We're working on it, but they tolerate it at best," says Buxton. "They bring us so much joy!"

Photo: Chip & Adele FB page

Mind you, Adele still weighs under 2 pounds and Chip is just 2.5 pounds. So even though they've basically doubled in size in the last month, you still wouldn't call either of them hefty.

But they are big enough to be neutered and spayed -- which means they're also big enough to be adopted.

And yes, of course, they're going home together!

In fact, there's such demand here that Operation Kindness will be accepting applications for Chip and Adele for just one day.

On April 28, anyone who wants to be considered should file an application on the Operation Kindness website. (Keep in mind before filling one out, that only folks willing to come to the shelter in person will be considered.)

"We're not actually accepting the applications yet, but we've received hundreds of inquiries," says Buxton. "We knew they would be popular, because they are ridiculously adorable, but we had no idea just how popular they would be."

Hey, wait -- isn't Buxton putting in an application?

No, she's not. And not because she wouldn't love the munchkins with the big personalities to stay. But so that she can help others like them, who might not make it without someone to take them in for a while, and give them this same opportunity to thrive.

"Our primary reason for not adopting Chip and Adele is that we would no longer be able to foster," Buxton says. "The best thing is knowing that we saved their lives."

Photo: Chip & Adele FB page


Reach out to your local shelter or rescue groups to find out about taking in your own foster pets.

Keep tabs on Chip and Adele on their Facebook page.

Source: Huffington Post 

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