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Homeless Dog Saved From Recycling Plant in Heartwarming Rescue Video

When a scared Pit Bull is found hiding deep in a trash heap in Los Angeles, Waste Management calls experienced dog rescuer Eldad Hagar with Hope for Paws.

After Hagar arrives, the workers use bulldozers and excavators to carefully clear a path, so Hagar can reach the dog. In a video of the rescue, the dog tries to escape by precariously walking over the massive mound of material then disappears somewhere within the plant.

Video: Hope For Paws

But that doesn't stop Hagar and his partner, Lisa Arturo. They return the next day to search for the pooch.

They find the dog, but frightened, he runs off again. Luckily, the dog runs into an area that can be secured. He howls at Hagar, but the rescuer remains patient, slowly gaining the dog's trust — and it finally pays off.

Once the dog is wearing a leash, he goes from tough guy to loving, sweet dog. Arturo names him Thor, and he now has a second chance at life.

Source: Vet Street

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