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Meet Mia. The Circus Has Not Been Kind to Her...But We Know You Will Be.

Despite all that he endured in the first 50 years of his life, Raju's indomitable spirit survived. We have seen him come so far over the last year, regaining his trust in humans, adding a much-needed 1000 pounds to his skinny frame, and finding true joy in his very own pool and in frequent snacks of mangoes and apples. His progress is nothing short of remarkable, and it could not have happened without your support. 

As we approached the first anniversary of the day this incredible elephant started his new life with us, we wanted to find a way to honor him... something that would last, something that paid tribute to his strength and spirit. 

One day it came to us: Raju's Rescue Fund. Established just this month, donations to the fund will be used exclusively to rescue and care for elephants who still suffer the way that Raju once did.

Elephants like Mia.

Help us move abused elephants like Mia from darkness into light

Like Raju, Mia* is about 50 years old. She is severely arthritic as a result of extensive abuse suffered for decades as a circus elephant. The beatings and torture have left her in a pathetic state and she is in desperate need of veterinary care. 

This old girl is one of 62 elephants who remain in circuses in India. With your help, Wildlife SOS is committed to seeing each and every one of these circus elephants rescued.

Mia doesn't know that we have our eyes on her, or that people from all around the world are about to band together to bring her to freedom. We'd love for you to be one of them. Will you join us in helping her? 

Help Mia. Donate to Raju's Rescue Fund today. 

Source: Wildlife SOS

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