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ATA's First "Featured Artist Collection"

Arm The Animals is happy to announce our first “Featured Artist Collection” created solely by one artist in the spirit of ATA. Our first featured artist goes by the name of Alyshells and she not only helped us crate our Spring 2015 line, but also created three additional designs that allowed us to create a complete set of five in one collection!

This exciting new collection is called “Stained Glass” and her particular style has been a fan favorite since the release of her pieces “Dagger Fox” and “Rev-OWL-ver Eyes”.

We found Aly online in February of 2015 and have since learned that she is a traveler who has lived everywhere from big cities-to-country mountains and now resides in the expansive Mohave Desert of California.

She brings her deep experience into all of her art projects by passionately tackling every medium and style conquerable. Aly has been a full time, professional, freelance artist for 8 years and is a true “Renaissance Woman” who is fluent in Pattern Making, Sculpture, Animation, Sewing, Illustration, Textile Design, Pottery and more; for her, nothing is off limits! If it can be tackled by hand, Aly will dedicate herself to mastering the craft.

She is a diligent worker who brings conceptual ideas to fruition and she excels specifically when taking custom requests from clients. In her free time, Alyshells gardens, studies Spanish and goes to the lake with the pets & family members. She enjoys 1980's rock, 1990's dance music and loves The Fresh Prince & Andy Milonakis TV shows. She is also very passionate about Philly cuisine (Proper Cheese Steaks - NOT STAKE'UMS!), Soft Pretzels, Ricotta Pizza and Rita's Water Ice are some of her particular favorites!

Aly loves freelancing and treats each project as if it were her own brand new baby. She’s always excited to start new projects with new clients to collaborate and create fantastic designs.

We are very happy with the work Alyshells has done for us and you can all look forward to more designs from here in the near future!

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