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Update on Mohan the Elephant

July 17th, 11am: We have somber news to report about the fight for Mohan. On Thursday, the high court’s decision set aside that of the lower court, meaning that for now Mohan will remain with the man who currently has illegal custody of him. The high court’s decision was made based on examination of a veterinary certificate presented by the Chief Veterinary Officer of Pratapgarh, while the two other veterinary certificates, one of which was the work of a completely independent veterinary expert, were not considered by the court while hearing this matter. These other veterinary certificates both concluded that Mohan must be transferred to our center in Mathura for treatment and care.

While the high court’s decision is a setback, we will never give up on rescuing Mohan.

We have consulted with our attorneys, who have presented us with several options to move forward. We will be carefully assessing those options in the coming days, but whatever path we choose, it seems clear that we will be incurring more legal costs in the pursuit of Mohan’s freedom.

To help us fight and win the upcoming legal battle, please donate to our Elephant Legal Fund today.

Thank you, from all of us at Wildlife SOS, for your generous ongoing support.

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