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Aladdin Nation Collaboration

Aladdin was found severely emaciated in the Spring of 2013.  He was taken to a local shelter who reached out to me as I foster emaciated pit bulls and am part of Lilo's Promise Animal Rescue.  Someone had broken his back legs and tail, he was missing twelve teeth and covered in open wounds.  Despite his condition, his little tail never stopped wagging.  He was scared of his own shadow and would drop to the floor and cry if you looked him the wrong way but he was very hopeful of every new person that he met, that they would not hurt him.  He started on the road to recovery but after gaining some weight, he stopped eating and almost died again.  He spent five days at Ocean View Animal Hospital as he was recuperating at my family home in North Wildwood.  They were five of the longest days of my life...then he turned the corner.

Fast forward two years and you will find Aladdin Nation, certified therapy dog hanging out with the kids at Ronald McDonald House every Monday, doing school visits as part of a Bullying program, visiting hospice patients and hanging out with some pretty amazing people! He is a spokesdog for Lilo's Promise Animal Rescue where his Mom is the Community Outreach Director, a model for Show Your Soft Side, a nationwide animal abuse campaign with Philadelphia Eagles long snapper Jon Dorenbos.  He was part of a pilot program for the city of Philadelphia and Temple University to help bring therapy dogs into the classroom as part of the regular curriculum for developmentally disabled students.  He was dog of the year at Pawject Runway this year with the Baltimore Ravens and you can often find him hanging out at the home Eagles games on Sunday!  He does events with the Philadelphia Police Department Fallen Heroes Charity and helps out at with the 35th district holiday parties.  There is no trace of the scared, starved dog that came to us two years ago.  He is the quintessential Pitbull Ambassador, winning the hearts of everyone that he meets.  He has a large following on facebook and it always makes me melt when people write just how much his little face cheers them up everyday.  On Instagram people use the hashtag #laddiness.  He hosts a pitbull adoption event every September at Biker Weekend in Wildwood, NJ with over 150,000 people. On his offtime you might find him at the hotel with Slash from Guns N Roses or swimming on the beach in front of our family shore house.  He has three pitbull brothers at home and three human siblings.  His biggest job is mentoring the other emaciated pitbulls that I bring home to foster, teaching them that they are safe and loved, just like him.  Each day he reminds me to practice kindness in his gentle ways and every day I am grateful that this amazing little hero is part of my family.

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