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8 Reasons To Consider Adopting A Deaf Dog

Although many people are now turning to adoption when looking for a dog to add to their family, there are groups of dogs that are less likely to get adopted from shelters or rescues based on things they cannot control. Some of the groups most often over-looked include: black dogs, senior dogs, pits or pit mixes, and disabled pets. Deaf dogs are part of the last group, though we can’t understand why. As part of National Deaf Dog Awareness Week (September 20-16), here are 8 reasons to adopt a dog that’s hard of hearing.  Do You have a deaf dog? Share a pic in the comments!

#1 – No sound sensitivity

You don’t have to worry about your dog barking when other dogs bark or cowering at thunder storms – they can’t hear ‘em!

Image source: @JimPennucci via Flickr

#2 – They won’t care if you sing off key

Though don’t be surprised if they join in – deaf dogs still bark! But, you can be sure that they aren’t howling criticisms should they join in. (The below video shows you a deaf dog barking. Maybe she sees her sibling’s mouth move and knows to “join in”? Hard to say. Video courtesy of Christina Lee, Deaf Dogs Rock).

#3 – Become a better trainer

A deaf dog will teach you more about training than you will ever imagine. And, there are new techniques and even tools that make training a deaf dog easier now than ever before. Aside from the traditional hand signals, many are using vibrating collars (NOT as a correction, but as a cue) even light like a laser pointer, for things such as long distance recall when your dog can’t see your hand or when your dog had his back toward you and is out of reach.

Image source: @daveynin via Flickr

#4 – You can sneak a snack easier

Tired of your dog hearing you and running into beg every time you go to the fridge? A deaf dog won’t even know you’re in the cookie jar…unless it smells good. Then you’re on your own!

Image source: @NathanYergler via Flickr

#5 – She could be the next “Spokesdog” for Deaf Dogs

Semi is a deaf boxer that owner Farrah Marxx knew was special the moment she saw her at the shelter. And she is! Semi is not only in the running for “World’s Longest Tongue” From Guinness World Records, but she is using her Instagram fame to give back by raising funds for rescues and being a poster child for how great “disabled” pets can be. Your deaf pup could follow in Semi’s footsteps!

Image source: @SlightlySemi / Instagram

#6 – They are loyal

Deaf dogs tend to be “Velcro” dogs, according to Deaf Dogs Rock, a non-profit group dedicated to promoting the care and well-being of deaf dogs. Their the type of dog that wants to follow you room to room. So if you are looking for a loyal companion that keep you company, a deaf dog is a great choice!

Image source: @grantlairdjr via Flickr

#7 – Saving a life

We understand that every time you adopt, you are saving a life. But sometimes these types of dogs run out of time at kill shelters faster than other dogs, because they are deemed “unadoptable.” Adopting a deaf dog gives a dog a chance they may not have had one otherwise.

Image source: @DougCornelius via Flickr

#8 – No squeaky toys!

Do you hate the sound of a squeaky toy? Well guess what, with a deaf dog, no need to buy toys with a squeak since your dog can’t hear it anyway!

Image source: @BJNeary via Flickr


Source: I Heart Dogs

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