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10 Before and After Photos that Show What Love Does to an Unwanted Dog

These 10 pictures of dogs before their rescue and after reveal what an incredible change comes over a dog when they are taken from a terrible environment and given love and care. It's beautiful to see!

"Charlie wasn't eating or responding. He's in wonderful hands now and is most importantly, smiling!"

"My baby Pepper, before and after I adopted her from the pound."

"I think Leela likes her new backyard better than the Humane Society."

"Before/After we adopted our pittie Tyson!"

"It's been 2 years since we found Griffin at the shelter. He only had a few days left before being euthanized ... He's come a long way since we got him."

"My rescue dog, Before and After"

"When we adopted Dexter, he was 19 pounds, bone thin, and so timid that he didn't like to play or anything ... He's now a very healthy 65 pounds, and just finished his first off-leash adventure, a 5 mile hike."

"My dog before and after we adopted her."

"Uncle rescues pitbull from back alley ... you would have no idea what he's been through."

"We found him near our office huddled in the cold bushes. He is very healthy and happy now."


Written by: By George | February 07, 2016


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