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Let's Show Baby Rose Some Love this Valentine's Day

For those who have everything, the best gift you can give for Valentine's is the gift of support.
Below has been taken and belongs to Wildlife SOS.


"Little Rose is just 3 months old, but she has already experienced tremendous heartbreak. 

When our rescue team reached the village where the orphaned sloth bear cub had been spotted, limping and growing thinner by the day, they made a tragic discovery. Where her left front paw should have been, there was only a mangled stump. Poor Rose had likely lost her paw, along with her mother, to a poacher's wire snare.

It was a miracle that Rose survived, but she has a long road ahead of her

With no mother's love to keep her warm and help her feel safe, it's going to take a while for her to learn to walk, for her to grow comfortable enough to eat and sleep, and even longer for her to learn to trust her keepers and the vets at our rescue center. 

Whatever it takes, we are committed to helping Rose have a good life. Her wounds will heal, our veterinarian Dr. Niraj assures us, but the fear and anxiety will take longer to fade. 

Still, with you by her side, she will recover - and we're determined to get her there with as much care, patience and love is needed. One day, we will all get to see Rose thriving, and living happily in the company of the other sloth bears at our rescue center.


Help us give Baby Rose the love she deserves, and so desperately needs.

Thank you for caring, and for helping to mend Rose's mind, body, heart, and spirit.
Bear Hugs, 
Geeta and Kartick 
Co-Founders, Wildlife SOS"
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