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Dream Jobs For Animal Lovers

Baby Goats

Photo by iStockphoto/ NikiTaxidisPhotography 

Hey, animal lovers, do you wish you could spend your days helping wildlife flourish with your love and affection? Well, dreams do come true. We found five animal-lover dream jobs that you will leave you questioning your choice of employment. Get ready to start filling out some applications. 

SEA OTTER GROOMER: Staff at the Monterey Bay Aquarium get the chance to cozy up to orphaned baby sea otters when caring for them through their surrogate program. For two to three glorious hours a day, staff members mimic sea otter mothers by grooming the pups' thick fur, which helps keep them sufficiently warm.

PANDA HUGGER: Caretakers at the Giant Panda Protection and Research Center in China help guide baby pandas through the ups and downs of daily life, utilizing their best hugging skills. Stamina is crucial to this job, as the pandas expect 100 percent effort day in and day out.

GOAT NANNY: There are plenty of kids in need of nannies at Caramont Farms in Esmont, Virgina. Volunteers take care of baby goats by feeding, dressing, and keeping them warm throughout the night to help them grow up to be big and strong. 

TEACHER: Sara Perry, a staff member at Seattle Aquarium, came to the aid of an asthmatic sea otter, named Mishka, by teaching her how to use an inhaler. Mishka became the first otter to be diagnosed with asthma when she started to have trouble breathing after being exposed to smoke from a wildfire. We dare you to find a cuter patient. 

PHYSICAL THERAPIST: At the Clinic for Rehabilitation of Wildlife in Sanibel, Florida, staff members teamed up to rescue an injured eagle chick who got entangled in fishing line, leading to a swollen claw. The eaglet was released and made its way back home where it will work on transforming its fluff into regal feathers.

Written by: DAKIN HEWLETT | FEB 18 2016


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