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NH Fish and Game approves bobcat hunting, trapping despite public outcry

Completely outrageous. We have a giant #jeer today for NH Fish and Game Commission which voted yesterday to approve a bobcat hunting proposal despite huge public outcry which generated over 5,000 overwhelmingly negative comments, including ones from Friends of Animals and many from our members.

It’s unconscionable that the committee would flat out reject the concerns of thousands of New Hampshire state citizens and choose to instead cater to the hunting minority in the state. Opposition to wildlife hunting is an expanding movement, with animal advocates, conservationists, biologists and scientists agreeing that peaceful coexistence with wildlife is the only acceptable route to take when dealing with animal and human cohabitation.  

Under the program, the state will issue 50 bobcat licenses by lottery, for state residents only. Massachusetts, Maine, Vermont and Quebec all have bobcat seasons already. New Hampshire allowed bobcat hunting and trapping until 1989, when concerns about a falling population led to the practice being curtailed.

Take Action..........

The proposal now moves to the Joint Legislative Committee on Administrative Rules for approval before it becomes final. You can urge the Chair and Vice Chair of this committee to do what the Fish and Game Commission did not and actually pay attention to the thousands of NH citizens who vehmently oppose this hunt.


Chair: Representative Carol McGuire:

Phone: (603)782-4918 Email:

Vice Chair: Senator John Reagan

Phone: (603) 271-4063 Email:


You can also contact the committee members who voted in favor of this hunt and tell them they should take into consideration the opinions of the entire state of NH and should go back and read the thousands of comments that were sent in opposition of the hunt.


Barry Carr

285 NE Pond Rd

Milton, NH 03851

Tel: (603) 755-1175


Todd Baldwin

36 Chickenboro Rd.

Thornton, NH 03285

Tel: (603) 726-3446


Walter Morse

103 Preston Road

Hillsboro, NH 03244

(603) 464-3797


David L. Patch, Vice Chair

PO Box 10

Glen, NH 03838

(603) 387-3771


Robert Phillipson

195 Gunn Road

Keene, NH 03431

(603) 352-8336



Written by: Friends of Animals, Hunting & Wildlife Management


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