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Airport Officials Open Suitcases And Find Hundreds Of Tiny Stowaways - Arm The Animals Clothing LLC

Airport Officials Open Suitcases And Find Hundreds Of Tiny Stowaways

Four suitcases abandoned at baggage claim in an airport in the Philippines were opened just in time to save hundreds and hundreds of lives.

In total, a shocking 1,529 live turtles, many with their little legs duct-taped inside their shells, were discovered by customs officials at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) in Manila.

Each and every trapped turtle was saved. 

"They all survived and [are] under rehabilitation," a spokesperson for customs at the NAIA told The Dodo. 

The photographs of the turtles show the realities of the illegal wildlife trade, which is estimated to be the fourth-largest black market trade worldwide.

The customs agency has been emphasizing stricter enforcements to help prevent the smuggling of animals across borders. If caught, the smuggler could have ended up imprisoned for as long as two years and fined several thousand dollars. 
Rescuers sifted through the luggage, liberating even a tiny turtle who had been stuffed inside a Converse sneaker. 
As people gently unwrapped the duct tape from the delicate little animals, it became clear that their fate had taken a fortunate turn. 
Some even started poking their little heads outside their shells to have a look around. 
Now that they've been taken so far from their natural homes, people will have to figure out a solution for them. It is currently unclear what that might be. 

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