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Australian Wildfire Donations Update! - Arm The Animals Clothing LLC

Australian Wildfire Donations Update!

The Australian wildfires continue to ravage the country and unfortunately, there is no sign of it stopping, With over a billion animals already lost, animal rescues across the country are working 24/7 to save what they can and help animals that have been injured/displaced.

We decided to help WIRES Australia by donating all of the proceeds of these 2 t-shirt designs and so far, we have raised and donated over $16,000 USD / $20,000 AUD. We could not be more grateful for your response and we will continue to support Wires Australia for as long as needed.

Thank you so much for your help and if you wish to pass this along, that would be amazing! Every dollar counts, so if you are able to donate directly or buy a tee, please do!

Team Arm The Animals

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