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Family Hears A 'Thump' And Can't Believe What Falls From Ceiling - Arm The Animals Clothing LLC

Family Hears A 'Thump' And Can't Believe What Falls From Ceiling

A family was hanging out at their home in Glass House Mountains, Australia, when they suddenly heard a faint “thump” come from one of the bedrooms. Concerned, they peeked in to make sure everything was OK — and got the shock of their lives. 

There was a large carpet python stretched out on the bed, staring right at them. 

Apparently, the sleepy snake had been taking a nap on the roof of the family’s home, directly on top of a light fixture, but it couldn't hold his weight. The snake fell down through the ceiling, landed directly on the bed — and didn’t seem fazed about it at all. 

He’d already been napping on the roof, and the bed was so cozy, he decided just to stay there, and made no moves to leave. 

Bewildered, the family quickly contacted Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7 to see if they could come and get the snake. The family knew the snake just wanted to relax somewhere cozy — but they were hoping he could do it somewhere else besides one of their bedrooms. 

“The snake stayed on the bed the whole time and was still on there when we rescued it,” Stuart McKenzie, of Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7, told The Dodo. “The snake looked pretty comfy on the bed when we arrived.” 

Even when the rescuers picked him up, the snake still seemed very unconcerned, and was super chill as he was lifted off the bed and brought safely outside again. He didn’t see what all the fuss was about — he just wanted to nap. 

Luckily, the snake is now back in the wild where he belongs, and hopefully as soon as he was released, he was able to find a quieter, calmer place to relax and finally get some sleep. 

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