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Have A Rescue Cat Pee On Your Ex’s Name For Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day can be a wonderful holiday, but if you’re single, it can also serve as an annoying reminder of that fact. While there are plenty of places to go to celebrate the romantic aspects of the holiday, there aren’t a lot of outlets for the bitter and the scorned, so one cat café is doing the best thing to help people let out their frustrations. 

A while back, Kanchan Singh, founder and owner of Crumbs & Whiskers cat café, and her team were tossing around ideas for events they could host at the café for Valentine’s Day. After talking to a bunch of their customers, they realized that doing something traditional may not be the way to go, and soon came up with the best idea. 

“A lot of our customers were saying that there are so many places to celebrate who you’re with, but there’s nowhere to sh** on your ex,” Singh told The Dodo. “One customer literally said cats should sh** on an ex’s name.” 

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