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Helping Ukraine's Animals in Times Of War

So far YOU have generated $5,688 for Ukraine's animal rescues!!!

In addition to the horrific humanitarian tragedy in Ukraine, animals & pets are facing the same dangers. Animals are not allowed in state bomb shelters and rescue crews are working around the clock rounding up as many animals as possible and trying to get them to safety. 

We're going to help by donating all of the net proceeds from this design to the 4 rescues listed below. If you don't want an item, PLEASE donate anything you can to these organizations! 

Shelter Friend Ukraine | Happy Paw | UAnimals | Ugolyok

Some background from a member of Ugolyok rescue in Ukraine:

"It has never been easy in Ukraine. Poor economy, war on the east of our country for more then eight years but all got used to difficulties .

As for our mission we never stopped fighting for animals because for them it is even more difficult to survive then to humans. I never refused to help and always searched the way for our mission to survive and keep on going. I always prayed for a better future for the whole world!

I think that noone really wants the war, not our country not any other, but ambitions of some people makes the war obvious as never befor and threaten the whole territory of our country. All people are terrified. But we can not allow panic to rule our mind and our actions. On our shoulders is a great responsibility - safety of our animals!

I personally try not to panic, following the news and highly hoping into negotiations, I really pray that peaceful way is possible and hopefully will be found🙏

I am not really aware of politics and other things but the only thing I know for sure - I want to protect our animals and keep mission safe and going even in worse varian of the future events will come to life.

That is why I am asking the world community to help us to make some necessary aditional food supplies and some additional safe measures to be built in order to protect our animals.

Also I really want to help other shelters to get prepared but it all be more obvious in the process of how fundraising will work.

Right now I am making basic calculations to all that we need in addition to our Patreon help.

But defenitly I know only one thing - there is no "too much of food", there is lack of it. When war will start ,if it starts , the whole life be different.

Right now food supplies get more and more expensive due to the panic in the country and I want to get prepared right now till it gets too late.

Please help us in this very difficult times!



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