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Help Us Help The Animals Of Australia! - Arm The Animals Clothing LLC

Help Us Help The Animals Of Australia!

An unprecedented ecological disaster is unfolding in Australia as wildfires rage out of control. With estimated one-billion animals already lost and tens-of-millions of other animals now injured, threatened and displaced, we KNOW we have to do something to try and help.

We have created a new design and will be donating 100% of the net proceeds from our new Wildfire Relief Australia tee to WIRES Australia: An animal welfare organization that accepts animals of all types and is located in one of the hardest hit regions in the nation. We are also making WIRES Australia our exclusive rescue partner of the month and will be making additional donations as the days and weeks move along.

The amount of money needed to “fix” the situation will be huge; with the loss of so much habitat, lots of funds will be needed to save the animals that have survived thus far and provide them with living space that resembles their native environment.
Every dollar counts. Every “like” or “share” helps. Please join us in doing whatever we can to help this horrific situation and get a cool tee as a reward.

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