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Lisa Vanderpump and team visit Congress to make sure we bring H. Res 30 to the floor. #stopyulinforever

Lisa Vanderpump and team visit Congress to make sure we bring H. Res 30 to the floor. #stopyulinforever

As we fight in the crusade against the torturous slaughtering of dogs during the Yulin Dog Festival in China, we want to personally thank Congressman David Cicilline for all his work lobbying for H. Res 30, which will end this horrific torture.

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We would also like to thank Congressman Vern Buchanan for his work with #stopyulinforever. He is a champion for helping end animal cruelty. 

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And finally, a big thank you to Represenative Ted Deutch for his support with H. Res 30 and #stopyulinforever. Looking forward to working with him on the PACT ACT. 

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Is your represenative listed below? If not, contact them and let them know you would like their support for H. Res 30. 
To read more about H.Res.30 click here.


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