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Luna The Elephant is Safe!

Recently Wildlife SOS was told you of an elephant by the name of Luna who needed immediate help. They didn't know much about her, only that she was very sick and in agony. The response of kindness and concern was very touching and enabled them to begin their efforts to bring her some relief.

Saturday, right before they were going to start our travels, Luna was unable stand up after laying down to sleep. Their team quickly hired a crane to assist her to her feet. Shortly after, they made the hard decision to immediately load her on the truck and begin the journey to the hospital. They knew the journey would be a difficult one but also essential that they get her the medical help she desperately needed.

At one point in the journey, it was very apparent that Luna urgently needed some rest. So they stopped the ambulance and allowed her to lie down and relax. As they feared, she was unable to get up on her own. Their team brought in a crane and in the middle of the night to lift her to her feet again.

They gave her a little bit of time to recover from the ordeal of trying to stand, then again loaded her on the ambulance to complete the journey.

And finally...she has now arrived at the hospital. It has been an ordeal, but they have her where she can be looked after and kept comfortable. For photos of her journey please click HERE.

She is both sick and weak and will receive around the clock emergency care. We hope you will consider becoming a monthly supporter to help her.  It is possible she will be hospice care, they don't know yet. However, we would like to believe that with love, food and medical attention...she will have a long life ahead of her to enjoy.

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