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People Are Sharing Times Their Pets Were Total Jerks, And I'm Actually Crying

"Here's one of my dogs peeing on my other dog."

Look, no matter how much you love your pet, you can admit that sometimes they're an absolute butthead for no reason.

(Gif Pixar)

Well, writer Talia Lavin recently asked people to share a specific time their beloved animal companion was a "jerk" and, holy heck, people did not disappoint.

Here are just a few of the absolute best responses:

1. This drive-through patron:

2. This curious pooper:

3. This absolute stalker:

4. This sneaky babe:

5. This trash-diver:

6. This water hog:

7. This key-flinger:

8. This excited head-butt:

9. This perfectly named badass:

10. This pee bully:

11. This homework ruiner:

12. This surprise attack:

13. This cheese fiend:

14. This contaminator:

15. This adorable rivalry:

16. This sassy snore hater:

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