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Rally for Texas Animal Welfare! - Arm The Animals Clothing LLC

Rally for Texas Animal Welfare!

The once-in-a-century storms in the southeast have devastated everything in their path, especially in Texas. This has created a disaster zone effecting property, people and especially, at-risk animals. Wild animals, sanctuary animals and especially sea turtles have taken the brunt of the storm and now, they all need help.

So, we're going to do what we do: HELP! We're dedicating proceeds from this design to supporting Operation Kindness in Carrollton, TX. We will post updates often and keep you al in the loop as to how the campaign is going!

Texas Wildlife Relief Rally Collection!

Last year, you helped us raise $23,000 for Australian Fire Animal Rescue charities and another $27,000 for west coast wildfire charities! We hope we can once again send a big lift to the people helping these vulnerable animals.     

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