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This Is Michelle - Arm The Animals Clothing LLC

This Is Michelle

Hi, I'm Sarah McLachlan. Will you be an angel for a helpless animal? **
Actually I'm Michelle, hello! And the good thing about this is that we don't have to cry and hold each other through heart-wrenching ASPCA commercials to save kitties and puppies. Unless you want to, ya big softy.
If you're like me, you're a passionate pet owner that can appreciate how clever graphics make self-expression that much easier. I also find advocating for animals such a natural motivator that it made sense to become an ambassador! So for almost a year now, I've been getting stupid excited over every new design to come out and still do (especially when they coincide with my current pop-culture faves).
Likely due to my being a fan of both felines and firearms (normal, right?) I came across Arm the Animals from an Instagram ad and actually had no idea my friends were already followers when ATA just become one of my "things." No surprise when eventually my buddy spotted me in a sale email. We internet high-fived.
I'm a firm believer in the "adopt don't shop" movement (giving unwanted animals a forever home) but it's also important to protect wildlife, as Arm the Animals does by partnering with different organizations. Another brand I've supported donates a portion of their sales to Kitten Rescue Los Angeles. Call it "slacktivism" if you must, but having goals and celebrating that unspoken bond among animal lovers is so easy to do and so much fun when you work it into hobbies that you already enjoy, why not be inspiring? For me, it's through random acts, my writing, and photography.
Add me on Instagram to see what I come up with, what nature show my big baby Dom is watching, or just to catch me awkwardly holding coworkers' dogs like I'm trying to steal somebody's lawn decoration or something. If you'd like to make a real-time difference, contribute to Arm the Animal's GoFundMe collection, which will help with growing operating costs and make it easier for our gang to move the needle! Thanks for reading!
**quote from an actual SPCA ad campaign circa 2007. Infamous tearjerker.

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