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WE owe YOU an explanation!

Dear ATA customers & supporters, The new ATA is here and we owe everyone who placed an order with us this past winter an explanation. During this time, we faced massive challenges with staff, products, shipping, funding, and every other facet of our company. We underestimated our ability to fulfill orders and overestimated what we could get done by just working hard. We made mistakes, ran out of gas, and were literally hours from going out of business for good. The result was a massive backlog of orders that took weeks to get through and we know we let a lot of you down.

As a means of making amends for anyone effected by this, we want to offer you a 20% one-time use code for any order of any size, valid for the next two weeks. Simply enter NLSORRY at checkout, and boom – 20% off your order.
So Sorry
What we can tell you all now is that our entire business has been re-built from-top-to-bottom with drastic changes across the board. We have new leadership, new infrastructure and are highly focused on quality merchandise, quick delivery, excellent customer service, and more giving back than ever. We are now proud to say that since January of 2023, our average order delivery time is down to 4 days and 7 hours.

By the grace of the gods/god/universe/fate/entropy/energies, we've been fortunate enough to have an entire team of 12 college industrial engineering students take on ATA as their Senior project. They have completely unspooled, planned, mapped, and blueprinted our entire way of doing things and their feedback has been truly mind blowing. We are now a stable, functioning, living entity that has the purposes of making you happy and generating donations for rescue partners.

This is now the new normal for us and is non-negotiable – period! We hope you can find it within you to give us a chance to provide you awesome clothing, service, and a means of helping animals in need. Again, we apologize for letting you down and it will not happen again!

EVERY single person (and animal) here at Arm the Animals

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