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Why Do Cats Put Their Butt In Your Face? - Arm The Animals Clothing LLC

Why Do Cats Put Their Butt In Your Face?

Are you ever just sitting happily, binge-watching the latest Netflix documentary, when your cat saunters over, turns around and sticks her whole butt in your face?

Of course you have — it’s typical weirdo cat behavior and you have a typical weirdo cat!

While getting a full cat booty to the face might have thrown you off the first few times it happened, you’re probably used to it by now — though you may still wonder exactly what it means.

Turns out, it means your cat loves you.

“That’s her favorite furriendly greeting!” Dr. Zay Satchu, cofounder and chief veterinary officer at Bond Vet in New York city, told The Dodo.

And according to cat expert Amy Shojai , who’s authored numerous books on pet behavior, cats raise their tails as a sign of friendliness and trust, granting full access to all of the intimate details about them that’s found in their scent.

Turning around makes that invitation even clearer — so they’re basically giving you free access to all that cat-scent goodness without you having to do any work.

They even do it to each other. “When two cats greet each other, they tend to move in opposite directions, head-to-tail, and that’s exactly what your cat is doing to you,” Dr. Satchu said. “Plus, they have scent glands in their face and tail that they want to use to exchange scents with their counterparts.”

So while it might seem weird at first, just think of your cats' butt presentations as a show of love — just like how you would greet someone with a hug or kiss.

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