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Why Does My Cat Knock Everything Over?

Have you ever been minding your own business when your cat starts tossing items off your counter left and right?

While both your home — and the internet — is full of cats knocking things over, this quirky cat habit is actually a sign that your feisty BFF’s probably bored.

“People mistakenly think that cats just lay around and sleep all day, and while this may be true for some cats, we must remember that our cats are small, predatory beasties who evolved to explore and interact with their environment!” Dr. Marci K. Koski, a certified feline behavior & training consultant at Feline Behavior Solutions in Vancouver, told The Dodo.

According to Dr. Koski, if you don’t give your cat something to do, they’ll find something to do on their own — and you might not always love their hobby of choice.

“Things like knocking objects off tables, chewing plants, attacking your feet, playing with the window blinds, and other activities indicate that your cat needs more environmental enrichment,” Dr. Koski said. 

So how do they get that enrichment?

“Give your cat daily play sessions with a wand toy to let them express their predatory instincts, and provide them with opportunities to do what cats do,” Dr. Koski recommended. 

Fun and rewarding activities like food puzzles, cat grass, clicker-training, teaching your cat to use a harness, self play toys (like balls or mice), cat perches and hiding spots are all ways to let cats explore, engage their brains for a mental workout and keep them from getting bored. 

“Try giving your cat something new to discover every day — even if it's not a hit, at least it's something new,” Dr. Koski advised. “And novel experiences are the best thing in the battle against boredom.”

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