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Yes, These Magical Curly-Haired Horses Actually Exist - Arm The Animals Clothing LLC

Yes, These Magical Curly-Haired Horses Actually Exist

Ask someone to describe a horse, and they will most likely bring up the animal’s smooth, silky coat and sleek flowing mane.

They probably won’t mention that, when cold weather sets in, the horse could grow bouncy curls that cover his entire body — including the insides of his ears.

That is, until they’ve met a North American curly horse.

This ancient horse is born with a coat that resembles a Labradoodle’s lush locks. Like the pup, these horses’ coats can vary drastically — and they’re hypoallergenic, too.

“The coat is curly only in winter,” Betsy Lirakis, who runs a therapeutic riding program that exclusively uses curly horses, told The Dodo, “shedding out beautiful and sleek for summer. Some have long thick soft curls, others of the breed grow tight, woolly curls.”

“There are some with a velvety Marcel Wave, and some are born with plain smooth coats that resemble any other breed of horse,” Lirakis added. “But the ‘smooth’ coated curlies are still nonallergenic.”

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