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Arm The Animals & Wildlife SOS Team Up Once Again to Rescue India’s Remaining Circus Elephants!

As of a few weeks ago there were 67 elephants languishing in Indian circuses experiencing far-from acceptable conditions. Most of these majestic animals suffer from poor health, mental stress and physical abuse. Because of these unacceptable conditions, all of these animals are in urgent need of rescue and relocation to rehabilitation centers.  

Wildlife SOS has recently launched a formal campaign to rescue every single one of these elephants and Arm The Animals is doing everything possible to help.  The campaign to liberate these animals started in early February when Suzy, a blind circus elephant in poor health, was rescued from a small, traveling circus in Southern India.  Suzy was repeatedly forced to perform in abhorrent conditions while being subjected to intense physical exertion and continuous confinement that lead to mental and physical trauma.  Fortunately, Suzy is now safe and settling into her new home at the Wildlife SOS Elephant Conservation & Care Center in Mathura, Uttar Pradesh.

Shortly after Suzy’s rescue, two other performance elephants, Asha and Lakhi, were also rescued. Asha has been mistreated and held in spiked shackles for the past 46 years and Lakhi, who is blind, suffers from chronic injuries to her footpads due to being forced to walk on tar roads for many years. Both animals are now in the custody of Wildlife SOS and are on the road to recovery.

These beautiful animals deserve stable, fulfilling lives and we are extremely grateful to be able to collaborate with such an amazing organization like Wildlife SOS. We are pleased to assist them with their efforts to rescue all of these animals and provide them with the life they deserve.  

We have just released a collection of new Wildlife SOS themed designs and 20% of the proceeds generated by these items will be donated directly to Wildlife SOS in order to help them with their campaign to free all the remaining circus animals in India. The cost of rescuing, boarding and providing medical treatment for these elephants is approximately $110,000 per year, so Wildlife SOS needs all of the help they can get to complete their campaign to liberate all the remaining circus elephants in India.

 We encourage everyone to support them by visiting the Wildlife SOS Crowdraise page: and donating whatever you can. You can also visit our new Wildlife SOS collection: where you can express your support for the cause by buying a T-Shirt that will generate a 20% donation directly to Wildlife SOS.

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