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War Paint by Alias Blake is now live!

Arm The Animals is incredibly proud to be working with the artist known as Alias Blake from Melbourne, Australia. With over 15 years experience working within the fashion and lifestyle industries her work has seen her tame botanicals for seasonal print collections, scout wild locations for photoshoots and learn from master craftsmen in Bangkok and Bali to develop jewelry collections.

I contacted her on a whim and the connection with her and our cause was both intense and immediate. Within 10 seconds of viewing her portfolio, I was hooked and her impression of us was equally positive and exciting. She is passionate about the welfare of animals and is an active member of several rescues and conservation groups; this allowed us to align and get along very quickly. I could see her talent and feel the passion in her words and I was beside myself with excitement to have found such a talent. 

The rendering skills of Alias alone are enough to impress strongly and her use of color and repetition is on a level I have rarely seen; all of her work affected me strongly and I was truly impressed. I simply could not get over how beautiful her patterns were and I could not stop looking at them; it was then I knew that I would do anything to work with this artist.

Alias and I quickly agreed to work with one-and-other and within a few weeks, she delivered the entire War Paint Collection and I was stunned. Every design seemed to hum off the screen; the colors, the depth, the movement was all perfect in my eyes and I could not wait to get them online to see the reception. I expressed only a few ideas and let her do the rest; the results were exactly what I had hoped for.

Very few pieces of art get unanimous nods from all observers, but the War Paint Collection did just... Everyone who saw it said the same thing, "Whoa! Who did that? Those are (beautiful, sick, amazing, awesome, dope, ill, fly, hype, the business), etc. depending on age of observer. Personally, I could not agree more!

I am extremely proud to have found Alias and cannot wait to work with her in the future. She is one of those "keepers" you come across every 5-10 years, and I am not letting her go. Keep your eyes peeled for more art from this extremely talented woman because fall is just around the corner!

-Matt Heinemeyer
Founder/Creative Director
Arm The Animals


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