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  • Do dogs love us? - Arm The Animals Clothing LLC

    Do dogs love us?

    By David VolkIn case those licks and wagging tail weren't convincing enough, scientists prove what we already know. Our dogs love us. They really, really love us. The feats that dogs...
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  • A Style Pixie Loves ATA - Arm The Animals Clothing LLC

    A Style Pixie Loves ATA

    We love when anyone wears our gear, but we also love when people feel the need to write about it on their social media! ATA was recently featured on A...
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  • Global Giant Helps Tiny Dogs

    When a person thinks about their ideal dog, or the best candidate for a future man’s best friend, they usually desire qualities such as loyalty, kindness and easy going attitudes....
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  • I Am Not A Monster

    First it was Rottweilers, and then the witch hunt for German Shepherds, and now  the media have raised their pitchforks and demonized the pit bull breed. Pit Bulls are said...
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  • Adopt Don't Shop!

    Imagine the population of Chicago being killed annually entirely for the idea of population control-- that is how many animals enter shelters and are euthanized every year. Approximately 2.7 million...
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  • Arm The Animals makes it on

    On January 22, 2015 did a feature on Imogen Anthony a long time animal rescuer and advocate from Australia. Imogen had posted some risque photos on her Instagram account...
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  • Kathy Griffin Joins The Fight

    The infamous Kathy Griffin has stepped up and joined the "Adopt Don't Shop" Campaign. The proud pet parent of two rescued Labrador Retrievers, and upcoming host of E!’s Fashion Police is...
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