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    Arm The Animals makes it on

    On January 22, 2015 did a feature on Imogen Anthony a long time animal rescuer and advocate from Australia. Imogen had posted some risque photos on her Instagram account wearing our Dear Hunter Crew, and they happened to make the article as well as some of her own fashion designs. The photos can be seen below, and see the full story here!


    ATA IG Contest with Lisa Linh & The Ruby Element

    A couple of very cool friends of our are throwing an IG contest and talking about it via their social media outlets and blogs! The Ruby Element and Lisa Linh are getting together on this one and we wanted to give you all a chance to get yours!

    Check out the links below for details, dates and all that other good stuff!

    The Ruby Element Blog

    Lisa Linh Fashion Blog

    Souffle Anyone?

    I hope everyone has had their caffeine, because we have something for you to read instead of that boring old cereal box! Its no secret we are AWESOME, but we love it when other people realize it too!! The wonderful Heather Hahn recently blogged, Instagrammed, and even tweeted about us! She is an amazing Los Angeles blogger who is no stranger to the hottest and upcoming trends, so of course we were flattered. Heather took a special liking to ATA because she has an adorable rescue named Rambo, and loved what we do/represent. Here's a link to Heather's Blog