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    News — Raju

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    Bullhook Ban Reaches Oakland and Celebs Speak Up

    A Bullhook is  an elephant goad with a sharp spike and a hook that is used to prod into a state of motion. These are most commonly used by Circus' to motion elephants and other large animals. Recently Bullhooks were banned in Los Angeles causing many circus acts to cross LA off their tour. This ban has just now reached Oakland, CA causing Circus acts to once again cross another city of their tour. These are two major victories against another cruel unjust act against animals. This ban may of not been possible if not for major Celebs backing the cause. Davey Havok, the lead singer of the band AFI and an Oakland native, says, “The use of a bullhook is cruel and unjust. We need only imagine being held captive and beaten for the sake of another’s entertainment to know that this tool of torture and slavery should be banned.” Hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons, who has long been vocal against circus bullhook abuse, says, “I’ve been fortunate to have had the opportunity to observe elephants in their natural habitat in South Africa. The magnificent animals I encountered weren’t performing headstands or standing on tubs like they do at the circus, where they’re routinely beaten with bullhooks. Instead, they were tending to their young, running free, and living in peace. I urge the Oakland City Council to ban this weapon that causes elephants such immense suffering.” These are small victories but none the less a huge step in the right direction! You may not be a huge time celebrity but maybe the next time you decide to go to the circus do a bit of reasearch and please do not support anyone who uses the bullhook on their animals. Who knows, your city may be the next to ban the bullhook.... Read the full story here

    ATA Teams Up With Wildlife SOS To Help Raju the Amazing Elephant!

    You may have seen Raju's story on CNN, NBC or The Huffington Post - if you haven't, you must keep reading! Once we heard about Raju through a Wildlife SOS member, we KNEW we had to do something - so, now we are! We're throwing everything we are capable of into this project in hopes of making a huge impact on the life of Raju. 

    Raju was rescued on July 4th in Allahabad, in the Uttar Pradesh state of India by a team of 10 wildlife experts and 30 enforcement officers. It took the team 8 hours to finally set the malnourished elephant free, ending his 50 years in captivity. Raju's rescuers believe he was poached soon after he was born, and that he was sold again and again. They believe Raju was beaten severely and also say the weapons used against him look like they belonged in a torture chamber.

    His rescuers say he apparently cried first while still in the custody of his captor. His rescuers describe the tears as "gushes of liquid" coming out of his eyes, pouring down both cheeks. They say he looked like he was in a lot of pain."It was a very emotional moment for us, because we've never seen an elephant cry like that," says Kartick Satyanarayan, co-founder of Wildlife SOS.

    Raju is now free, however he is still very much in need of support. Arm The Animals has officially teamed up with Wildlife SOS to help raise funds to assist with the costs associated with maintaining Raju and the many other elephants they provide for.

    We here at Arm The Animals want to help as much as possible, so we have released an entire collection of tees, tanks and tops, featuring Raju breaking the shackles of his captors and charging toward freedom. The Raju Freedom collection is an amazing offering and Arm The Animals will donate 20% of the proceeds to Wildlife SOS to help secure a stable, happy, peaceful existence for Raju. 

    Raju is currently roaming the Wildlife SOS elephant sanctuary and for the first time in his life, he is being treated and respected as the amazing, exotic animal that he is. His current conditions are ideal, but his story is a long way from being over. Supporting Raju and the multitude of other Elephants rescued by Wildlife SOS takes a lot of resources - and that is what we are here to help them with! When you buy anything from the link below, 20% of the proceeds will go directly to helping Raju live out the rest of his life in peace!


    Read more about Raju's incredible story here: