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    A Style Pixie Loves ATA

    A Style Pixie Loves ATA

    We love when anyone wears our gear, but we also love when people feel the need to write about it on their social media! ATA was recently featured on AStylePixie.com. A Style Pixie is a Los Angeles based style blog created by Erika Fermina, stylist, model, feminist, and full time nerd. We just wanted to share the goods with you all. It can be seen here. Erika posted a Stormtrooper inspired look featuring out Cat-At Crew.

    RyanByRyanChua.com Feature

    RyanByRyanChua.com Feature

    Ryan Chua is an ATA favorite! He is a street style and fashion photographer who travels between San Francisco & Los Angeles. Ryan currently works with many noteworthy bloggers from all over. But above all he is a cat lover :)

    We just recently had a chance to be featured on his personal blog, and wanted to share it with you all! See it here.

    11 Dogs Who Have No Idea Where This Mess Came From

    11 Dogs Who Have No Idea Where This Mess Came From.

    I mean, innocent until proven guilty... right?

    1. "I swear, it just EXPLODED...


    Reddit: KiteTales


    2. "I saw nothing. I know nothing."


    Reddit: tslout


    3. "Psh. I have no idea who ripped up that toilet paper. I've been laying here with my bone this WHOLE time."


    Reddit: NickVo


    4. "Those... those aren't mine..."


    Reddit: alexxlea


    5. "I swear, I'm just as baffled as you are." 


    Reddit: cajun_kidATL


    6. "... No, this was already here when I walked in the room."


    Reddit: iwillthinkaboutit


    7. "Something on my face? What are you even talking about?"


    Reddit: GameGenie710


    8. "Trash? What trash? I love you!"


    Reddit: Zwonix


    9. "Man, I'd sure hate to be the dog who made this mess, am I right...?"


    Reddit: 1890s_kid


    10. "I literally have no idea what just happened."


    Reddit: IEatConcrete


    11. "I was just taking a bath, I swear!"


    Reddit: balbuzard09

    *Editor's note: make sure your pup is getting enough attention around the house, and that they always get enough exercise, otherwise they might get bored and start shredding stuff! Also make sure they have something to play with if you leave them home alone! 

    By: Lindsey Robertson

    Source: The Dodo

    Pit Bull vs. Deer - 40 Yard Dash!

    So, who would win in a 40 yard dash: a Pitbull or Deer? For those of you who have pondered this very question, we have your answer below! These two animals link up several times a week to racer each other across the back yard of this home and to me, it appears they are truly having fun!

    For those who believe animals can't think, communicate or remember things like we do, watch this video; it should make you reassess your position!