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    News — JFK

    Major International Airport Introduces First Terminal For Pets, Dog Lovers Rejoice

    Major International Airport Introduces First Terminal For Pets, Dog Lovers Rejoice

    If flying is something you don’t look forward to when it comes to traveling with your pets, this will make your globetrotting dreams come true. 

    The John F. Kennedy International Airport in NYC, is set to open the world’s first privately owned terminal dedicated solely to traveling animals. You know, so your pups can relax, get some Starbucks, wander around Hudson News finding the latest gossip mags to peruse, or just do some duty free shopping while they wait for their flights to board. 

    Image via Gothamist

    Image via Gothamist

    All jokes aside, the terminal, aptly named “The Ark” will serve as a cargo holding area for all animals (exotic, farm, zoo, domestic) while they await transportation to their destinations. 

    Set to open in early 2016, The Ark is spread out over a 178,000 square feet and will house an overnight pet resort Paradise 4 Paws kennels, ample state-of-the-art cargo holding facilities, vets, an aviary and even climate-controlled stalls to ensure total relaxation prior to departure.

    Image via Gothamist

    Image via Gothamist

    Phil Derner of NYC Aviation spoke to the Gothamist about the $48 million endeavor:

    “It is indeed unique. Some people seem to question its necessity, but if a private company wants to sign a multi-decade lease with PANYNJ, then by all means. This facility is in the cargo area of JFK, which sees tenants come and go, so this can be a good deal for a potentially economically unstable part of the airport. 

    “When it comes to travel, animals have always had the short end of the stick, flying in dangerous and uncomfortable conditions in the bellies of aircraft. Regardless of animal type, I am all for anything that improves their treatment. As long as this being in the cargo area doesn’t bring about a horse-related Goodfellas Lufthansa heist, it is just fine with me.”

    Derner is right. Traveling with pets has always been quite the challenge. As pawrents, all our flying time is spent worrying about the safety of our furry friends down in cargo. So this is a welcome change!

    Image via Gothamist

    Image via Gothamist

    Cliff Bollman, architect at one of the firms designing the terminal, spoke to The Telegraph:

    “For the animals who [will] pass through The Ark, as well as the people who own them, air travel can be stressful and confusing. Aligning the needs of quarantine with kenneling and elevating the experience for animals and their owners, our design team sought to create a comfortable, healthy environment for them all.”

    Now that my pup knows about what’s to come, he can’t wait for his first air adventure. All paws aboard! 

    Written by Tasmai Uppin
    Source: Bark Post