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    ATA 1-for-1 Continues Through May with Commercial!

    ATA 1-for-1 Continues Through May with Commercial!

    Everyone seems to love our 1-for-1 campaign, so we are extending it through the entire month of May! We will continue to donate a mask to frontline workers for every one we sell and we've already donated over 5,000 - thanks to you!

    A friend of our was cool enough to make a video commercial for our campaign, so we wanted to share his work with you in hopes you will enjoy it and pass it along.

    See Arm The Animals 1-for-1 Campaign Collection Here

    5,000 Masks sent to hospitals - thanks to you!

    5,000 Masks sent to hospitals - thanks to you!

    After the craziest month we have all known, we wanted to share the positivity that you have helped create with our 1-for-1 mask donation program! We have now sent over 5,000 donated masks to frontline workers, including several hospitals and it is ALL because of you!

    We want to thank you all, sincerely, for supporting the cause, bearing with us, coming together and being part of a community that cares about what happens to one-and-other.

    We are stunned by the results and we will continue this program for as long as help is needed! Thank you all and much love to you, your families and friends!

    Team ATA

    Shipping Update, Donation Batch 2 Going Out

    Shipping Update, Donation Batch 2 Going Out

    UPDATE 04/29/20: We are currently at 85% filled through 04/25/20 and will be closing in on shipping up to 04/28/20 by this Friday! Our additional hires have made a big difference and we will be grinding as long as needed to get everyone as soon as possible!

    We wanted to give you all an update on current order shipping flow and status as of today, 04/24/20. We are into shipping up to 04/18/20 chunk of orders; for dates 04/05/20 to 04/18/20, we are 74% shipped, but there MAY be some orders that have straggled behind. Those will be identified and sent as soon as humanly possible.

    All products are made and shipped by an essential business producer that make these masks and they are now running seven days a week in two eight hour shifts. Product for orders up through 04/21/20 is already made, queued and only awaiting shipping. Over the next three days, we will make massive progress in getting orders up to date and out to everyone.  

    We have hired additional full-time staff members to work remotely through the weekends and they will concentrate solely on shipping orders. We are also continuing to pay all of our staff their full wages regardless of their location/status.

    Our customers service reps are managing all emails and all points of contact, so please bear with us as we seek and reply with information. They are working from home and are replying as quickly as possible. Like all of us, we have had to contend with a lot of challenges, but we have to make sure everyone is staying safe via social distancing while also staying in full compliance of state mandates.

    We also have 3,000 PPE masks packaged for our donation send outs that will be going out this weekend as well. We will get every mask out as soon as we possibly can and we will work as long and as hard as needed to make this happen. Thank you all so much for supporting this cause.

    If you have a question, you can contact us here and we will get back to you as son as we possibly can!!!

    Wildlife SOS New Show

    Wildlife SOS New Show

    Our good friends at Wildlife SOS have landed a show on NatGeo Wild premiering this Saturday April 18. Watch the trailer below.

    About the series

    A land of elephants, tigers, leopards and bears, India is one of the most biodiverse countries on earth. But it’s also home to 1.3 billion people who increasingly compete with wild animals for living space. Now, a dedicated team of conservationists and vets are on a mission to rescue animals in distress and find a way for India’s people and wildlife to coexist in harmony.


    Episode 1: Operation Elephant – Wildlife S.O.S rescue a begging elephant from the streets, a paralyzed monkey, and a deadly venomous cobra in a school classroom.

    Episode 2: Safe and Sound – In India Wildlife SOS teams race to save twin leopard cubs that fell down a well, rescue a huge python, and release a leopard back into the wild.

    Episode 3: Family Reunion – A hyena chased by frightened villagers, a reptile invades a city home. And a lost leopard cub is separated from her mom.

    Episode 4: Homecoming – Following a monsoon flood the Wildlife SOS team is called out on a dangerous mission to extract a crocodile flushed down a well; a monkey that lost both its arms in an electrocution incident is savaged by dogs and needs emergency medical treatment before it bleeds out. The race is on to reunite a litter of jackal puppies with their missing mother.

    Episode 5: Tiger’s Tale – Wildlife SOS are determined to help a rescued 18-year-old tiger Jawara, whose teeth and paw were damaged in a poacher’s trap. Meanwhile, the rapid response team gets an emergency call when an 8-foot long python is discovered in a busy train depot.

    Episode 6: Bear Necessities – Wildlife SOS ended bear dancing in India, rescuing 628 bears from this cruel and illegal trade. Its medical team uses laser massage technology to help a bear that has had a brain haemorrhage, and a rapid response team also rushes to rescue an injured Nilgai – the largest and most dangerous antelope in India.