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    West Coast Wildlife Fire Relief Rally!

    West Coast Wildlife Fire Relief Rally!

    UPDATE: $19,000+ raised/donated - you are awesome!
    UPDATE: $13,299 raised/donated so far! Thank you all so much :)

    The Bobcat Fire is less than a mile from ATA and people are literally seeing bobcats, bears, coyotes and more in the streets fleeing the flames.

    So, we are going to do something! This is why we are here and this is what we do, so all net proceeds from this new design will be donated to fire-effected shelters along the west coast. 
    (3 blocks east of ATA office 09/15/20)
    (View ATA office looking south 09/16/20)
    In January of 2020, YOU helped us raise nearly $25,000 for WIRES in Australia and we kept you all up-to-date with donation posts every week. Now, we ask you to help again if you can and the fires out here simply grow bigger.

    There are bound to be tens-of-thousands of domestic and wild animals without food, water or habitat; the bill will be big and we want to do whatever we can to help.

    Help the cause by getting a cool shirt and help us not only help the animals, but also help the people that assist those animals.

    We will be donating to Pasadena Humane Society, Oregon Humane, ifaw.org as on now; we may add more depending on needs arising.


    Spread The Love: Relief For Rescues Is On!

    Spread The Love: Relief For Rescues Is On!

    One thing not being mentioned too much is the huge influx of animals being taken to shelters in the wake of the Covid-19 crisis. Rescues are now faced with less staff, less supplies, less funding and MORE animals to care for.

    In this time of need, we are going to help as best we can with our new Spread The Love campaign! We've released several new products and each one has a special tool that allows you to choose from 5 different ATA rescue partners and they will receive 50% of all proceeds from this special collection. We feel it is the least we can do for our rescue partners in this time of need.

    We hope you like the new items we've selected and hope you will share this with friends and family that may have interest. Have a great day and stay safe!